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Below is a link to a Google Drive folder which contains the videos, presentations, rubrics, answer keys, etc for the Teachers’ Digital Lesson Plan.  These videos give the teachers the information on the weekly activities of DETECTS.

Please download the videos before watching them.  It doesn’t work properly if you watch the videos in your browser.


DETECTS has a close relationship with the Computer Aided Design (CAD) software company called Solid Edge (SE) – they’ve been with us since the beginning.  Fun fact:  Solid Edge started in Huntsville, AL, as a product of the Intergraph Corp – Matt actually went to high school with the daughter of the Intergraph manager in charge of Solid Edge (Matt still has a boxed copy of Solid Edge v2 somewhere).  Solid Edge will provide you and your students with FREE copies of their software, and they’ll even provide tech support!


Solid Edge Download for High School Educators

This is where you go to download the latest version of SE.  They will send you a license file for use in your classroom.

Solid Edge Student Resources

Your students can download and install their over copy of SE, on their own personal computers.  This version will be compatible with the academic version that you install at school.

Solid Edge Educator Resources (main page)

This is a GREAT page.  I highly recommend the links below the heading “Online Learning” … these are great!  Self-paced links where your students can learn SE.

Top-Level Solid Edge Help Site

Another great page.  This has a LOT more online training (it’s about all of it) … and best of all, it’s searchable – your students can search on specific things that they may want to learn or are having difficulty with.

SOLID EDGE, Contacts:

SE has a long and great relationship with DETECTS.  Please let us know if you need any help – we can put you in contact with real-live people (who work/live in Huntsville) who can help you.  Even if you are outside of North Alabama, they can help you find some local assistance or they can set-up virtual assistance, via Skype or some other online service.


DETECTS Mission & Vision

Engineering has gotten a bad reputation.  The DETECTS teams are presented with real-world, open-ended, engineering problems, and we walk with them through the solution and design process.  We think the best way to get people interested in engineering (and recruit more engineering students), is to introduce it to them when they are young, before they come to the false realization that engineering is hard, potentially scary, and a field devoid of creativity.  We want to show the high school students how fun, exciting, and varied real engineering can be.

Get In Touch

Location: 301 Sparkman Dr. Huntsville, AL 35899

Telephone: (256)-824- STEM(7836)

Email: detects@uah.edu