Below are some resources that can help you with your InSPIRESS project. If you have trouble with any of the links or need further material, please contact us

General Python Resources

This link is a good resource to look at because it has a few sample projects with code located towards the middle of the article:

One of the best resources to look at when you have questions regarding syntax and implementation is StackOverflow. Although it is a crowd sourced forum people generally have multiple valid takes on the same solution because it is such a popular site in the programming community.

This link contains some of the basics of programming in Python: (Note: For those familiar with programming in C based languages like C, C++, and C# as well as others that conclude lines with a semicolon notice that the line endings in Python do not use a semicolon.)

These Youtube videos are a good resource for lots of the Basic functions of Python. The descriptions of these videos have a list of timestamps that help provide easy navigation through the lengthy videos:


Intro to Python Resources


(Note: These videos relate more closely to specific python concepts rather than concepts related to using python on a raspberry pi)

Download and Install Python

Print Strings Variables

String Operations One

String Operations Two

The Python For Loop

Introduction to Lists in Python

Operations on Lists in Python

Python Turtle Graphics Maple Leaf Design Exercise

Reading data from files in Python

Splitting data into a List in Python

 How to copy a file with Python

 Reading A File Line by Line in Python

 Writing Data to A File

 Reading Data From A File in Python

 Turtle Graphics in Python

 Drawing a square with turtle graphics in Python


Raspberry Pi Resources


How to Install your Raspberry Pi 3 B+ into its case: 

 Here is a short video resource to show the installation of the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ into its case: (Note: Do Not install your Raspberry Pi 3B+ into its case with the MicroSD card inserted into the board. Otherwise you will risk damaging your Raspberry Pi 3B+ during installation.)

How to setup your Raspberry Pi 3 B+ using your Windows Laptop: 

Here are a few links that should aid in the process of setting up your Raspberry Pi 3B+ using your Windows Laptop:,pi%20for%20the%20first%20time).  

How to setup your Raspberry Pi 3 B+ using an HDMI connection to an External Display:  

Here are some links that show the process of setting up a Raspberry Pi 3B+ using an external display: (Note: For this process you will need a USB mouse and keyboard to use your Pi in this configuration.) 

How to setup your Raspberry Pi 3 B+ using a Mac: 

Here are a few links that may be helpful in setting up your Raspberry Pi 3B+ using a Mac: 

General Resources:

The site listed below contains some general information relating to the Raspberry Pi although there is a lot of information on this site that is not relevant to this project there are some sections that might be helpful: